When big concepts are difficult to express, I utilize a vivid imagination and a sense of humor to reduce complex ideas to simple illustrations. I use ink and watercolor to turn a phrase with a flick of my wrist. The result is arresting illustrations that are easy to read, but difficult to forget.


All the Hits of the 60s!

Kile Smith describes for Broad Street Review how the music of his youth comes to …


OK Computer?

In Magnet Magazine #133, Phil talks about losing the ‘thrill of the chase’ that came …


All in the Family

In Magnet #134, Phil Sheridan talks about his relationships with the music he loves, and …


Creative Cocktails for the DNC

Broad Street Review, provides a list of drink suggestions for Philadelphia bartenders to serve guests …

This Is the Week That Is alrightmikeDotCom

1812 Productions’ This is the Week That Is

1812 Productions’ annual satirical review of the current state of politics. This ran at Broad …

Won't Get Fooled Again alrightmikeDotCom

Won’t Get Fooled Again

Illustration for Phil Sheridan’s Back Page feature in Issue 124 of Magnet Magazine, about the …

David Bowie alrightmikeDotCom

David Bowie

Contact Mike: mike@alrightmike.com

Saturday Night Fever for Magnet Magazine

Saturday Night Fever

Illustration for Phil Sheridan’s Back Page feature in Issue 118 of Magnet Magazine, about how …

The Record Didn't Skip, You Moved It…

The Record Didn’t Skip, You Moved It…

From a group show called Take What You Need at Indy Hall in April 2014, …

War at Wegmans

War at Wegmans

I went deep into the heart of suburbia in an attempt to understand the motives …

Murder for Two

Murder for Two

Murder for Two features Ian Lowe as Officer Marcus Moscowicz, and Kyle Branzel as literally …

Magnet Magazine: Backstreet Boys and Girls

Backstreet Boys And Girls

In his Magnet Magazine Back Page column, Phil Sheridan says that we’ve all been had …

Philly Give and Get

Philly Give & Get Most Valuable Philadelphian Portraits

Philly Give & Get is a charity “date” auction that combines professional networking with community …

Pissed Jeans for Philly Beer Scene

Three Round Draw: A Noisy Night Out with Pissed Jeans

Illustrations for Jon Billett’s Philly Beer Scene interview with Sean and Randy of Pissed Jeans. …

Broad Street Review Three Musketeers

All for One and One for All

An illustration to accompany Mark Cofta’s review of The Three Musketeers (In the Future) at …

Biking in the City alrightmikeDotCom

Wintertime Biking in the City

Bundle up, this is gonna hurt. Contact Mike: mike@alrightmike.com

It's Not You It's Me alrightmikeDotCom

It’s Not You, Philly, It’s Me

Erica Barlow writes for Curate This about moving to New York in a never-ending pursuit …

Phillie Phanatic alrightmikeDotCom

The Phillie Phanatic

My contribution to Philly Love Notes, about my adoration for the Phillie Phonetic. Contact Mike: mike@alrightmike.com

Brian Fallong alrightmikeDotCom

Brian Fallon

Portrait of Gaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon. Contact Mike: mike@alrightmike.com

Magnet Magazine Phonograph High Fidelity alrightmikeDotCom

High Fidelity

Illustration for Phil Sheridan’s Back Page feature in Issue 117 of Magnet Magazine, about record …

Mascot Spring Training alrightmikeDotCom

Mascot Spring Training

It’s not just the athletes who need to get in shape after a long winter. …

The Strange Man in the Blue Uniform

Perry Block’s satirical piece for Broad Street Review about the stranger who drops off paper …

Perennial Losers alrightmikeDotCom

Perennial Losers

What makes a person stick by his team no matter what? Contact Mike: mike@alrightmike.com

Grid Magazine Last Year's Resolution alrightmikeDotCom

Last Year’s Resolution

For Grid Magazine’s Dispatch page, about the author’s year-long dedication to living a sustainable lifestyle. …